unter dem großen Führer: Eine deutsch/holländisch/dänische Reisegruppe in Sachen DampfGroup sizes

In order to ensure that all tour participants can achieve good results, we usually travel in manageable group sizes.

Minimum number of participants

The minimum number of participants varies quite a lot, depending on whether special trains have to be paid or not. You will find the number of participants required for a trip at the bottom of the price information. The minimum number of participants must be reached by the registration deadline to confirm a tour.

Maximum number of participants

The maximum group size can also be found in the tour description in the price section. It can be between approx. 10 and approx. 70, and in rare exceptional cases, e.g. if a charter train event costs more than 20,000 Euros per day, even more. The more special trains we have in our program, the larger the group size. This is to make these tours affordable. The possibility of repeating runpasts, however, means that even if we are a larger group, we still get exceptional results. We have a good experience in how everyone can achieve individual and good photographic results even with a large group. We also know what videographers want. Some tours are designed for smaller groups, e.g. due to limited accommodation. The size of the group may be limited by the photographic conditions, the space available on the train, the available overnight accommodations, etc. In special cases, we will also allow more participants, e.g. if new more overnight accommodation than initially planned is available. However, if the group size is limited for photographic reasons, the maximum group size is a limit.

Small groups

If the minimum number of participants is not reached, it is possible to run a trip with fewer participants. However, the price per participant will increase slightly (see price list). Therefore, when registering for a tour please let us know whether you accept such a surcharge or whether you prefer to cancel the trip in such a case. To determine the number of participants, only bookings for the entire trip are used. Participants who are only present on a daily basis are not counted as part of the required group size.