From Carinthia to the Waldviertel – Steam in the realm of the Giesl ejector

Steam charter trains in Austria: 11. - 17.10.2024

Charter-Dampfzüge in Östereich für Fotografen und Videografen

The Alpine republic of Austria has many scenic railway lines. In addition, several steam locomotives on both narrow and standard gauge are preserved in working order, and with matching carriages. What is even more astonishing is that the prices for using these railways are now lower than in some Eastern European countries. Good hotels, good food, hospitality and a high level of safety round off the picture.

We want to run mainly authentic looking charter trains on some lines between Carinthia and the Waldviertel, just as they might have looked in genuine steam days of the Austrian state railway ÖBB.

Charter-Dampfzüge in Östereich für Fotografen und Videografen






The group will meet at the Klagenfurt airport by 15:30 and at Klagenfurt railway station by 16:00. Bus transfer to our hotel.


Bus transfer to Pöckstein-Zwischenwässern in the morning. A small section of the Gurkthalbahn railway has been preserved here. We will be travelling the remaining section in the uphill direction from Pöckstein-Zwischenwässern to Treibach-Althofen. 699.101 and 898.01 will be used with two different train compositions.

In the afternoon we travel on into the Rosental valley to Weizelsdorf to photograph the standard-gauge 93.1332 between the tunnel and Maria Elend with a mixed train.

We return to our hotel by charter bus.


In the morning, bus transfer to Maria Elend in the Rosental valley. From here we push back to the tunnel and then travel with 93.1332 and a freight train to Ferlach.

In the late afternoon we take our charter bus to a hotel in Vöcklabruck.


Bus transfer to Aschach on the Steyrtalbahn, where we will board the train to Grünberg, hauled by 298.53. The train will consist of passenger coaches and a luggage coach.

In the afternoon, we'll travel behind with 699.103 and a goods train from Aschach to Steyr and back. From Aschach to Grünburg, we will then run a freight train double headed by 699.103 and 298.53 with a passenger coach (bonnet roof) at the end of the train.

Our charter bus will take us back to our hotel in Vöcklabrück


Morning bus transfer to Ampflwang. With the "fake" Prussian G10, 657.2770, we will haul a goods train to Timelkam. From here we travel to Ried im Innkreis with a passenger train hauled by the Pacific 77.28 tender locomotive. Here the locomotive turns round and travels chimney first back via Timelkam to Ampflwang.

Our charter bus takes us to the next hotel in Langschlag in the Waldviertel.


We spend the next two days taking photos on the Waldviertel railway. Before sunrise, we take the charter bus to Altweitra, where our passenger train with 399.04 will be waiting for us. We want to capture the sunrise at the sweeping curves of Altweitrea and then travel on to Groß Gerungs. From Groß Gerungs we return and take the train to Langschlag, where the charter bus awaits us and takes us to the hotel.


Bus transfer to Gmünd station. Our double headed train to Alt Nagelberg will be led by 399.01 and 399.04. There we will split it into two trains to recreate the famous double departure from Alt Nagelberg. We continue with 399.01 and a passenger train consist to Litschau, where our journey ends. Our charter bus takes us back to Gmünd.

From there, you can take the 3.14 p.m. train to Vienna, for example, to catch the evening flights to many European cities, or spend the night in Vienna and travel on to Bosnia-Herzegovina on 18 October, where we will enjoy the last regular services of the German Kriegsloks class 52.

Charter-Dampfzüge in Östereich für Fotografen und Videografen


Line descriptions

All the lines we intend to travel are described in detail on the Internet. Therefore, only one comment is necessary here in that the locomotives written in bold are the engines with a Giesl ejector, the flat chimney which was very common in Austria and the GDR. The other locomotives have a standard round chimney.

Charter-Dampfzüge in Östereich für Fotografen und Videografen

Charter-Dampfzüge in Östereich für Fotografen und Videografen

Charter-Dampfzüge in Östereich für Fotografen und Videografen


Small Print

Austria is an easy country to travel through with high standards of safety. The locomotives and wagons are in good condition, but this does not mean that the one or other of the planned locomotives might not fail. Natural events can also cause damage to the railway so as usual: locomotives and lines cannot be guaranteed. However, we have alternative options available so that we can offer alternatives in the unlikely event that rolling stock is broken or lines are damaged.

The weather can be cool and wet in autumn, but also warm, sunny and dry. To choose the right clothing, you should definitely check the weather forecast shortly before travelling and, as usual, layers are the way to go.

Charter-Dampfzüge in Östereich für Fotografen und Videografen

The journey starts at the airport and the railway station in Klagenfurt and ends at the railway station in Gmünd. Tickets can be purchased very easily via the state railway's website. We might be travelling on a historic bus from the 1970/80s, so we can even use it as a photo opportunity in the Waldviertel.

Charter-Dampfzüge in Östereich für Fotografen und Videografen

The price of the journey includes breakfast and dinner; however, alcoholic and sugary drinks are not included. With one exception, the trains are not catered. However, we will organise something on some of the trains, including lunch, which must be paid for on the spot.

The only real health risk is you doing something stupid like jumping on or off a moving train. Boarding, disembarking from and travelling on the trains is at your own risk. Common sense and caution are required! Attention is expressly drawn to the dangers that can arise when using and staying in the vicinity of the railway and other means of transport.

Austria is a member of the Schengen area. For EU citizens, it is sufficient to carry an identity card with you.

Charter-Dampfzüge in Östereich für Fotografen und Videografen

The tour is specially designed for photographers and videographers. It is primarily about achieving good results in this area, not about exploring the local cuisine, bars or nightclubs.

It is recommended that you take out international accident insurance and the always important international health insurance. Travel cancellation insurance is also advisable. You travel on your own risk. FarRail Tours, the local organisers or the railways used are in no way liable for accidents, disadvantages resulting from delays, etc.

Charter-Dampfzüge in Östereich für Fotografen und Videografen



From Carinthia to the Waldviertel: Steam in the Realm of the Giesl Ejector 25 to 34 participants £2,390
11.10.2024 – 17.10.2024 20 to 24 participants £2,815
  Single room surcharge £360
Registration Deadline: 24.07.2024

The price includes

Not included in the price:

Charter-Dampfzüge in Östereich für Fotografen und Videografen


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