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According to upcoming new timetables of airlines and railways, the given dates below are subject to (minor) changes.

Country/Tour Date Price* Registration
Period Expires
'Kriegsloks' in Mine & Line Service 10.02.2024 - 17.02.2024 £2,720 Completed  Book
Narrow Gauge Steam on five lines 13.04.2024 - 21.04.2024 £2,240 Completed  Book
South Africa
Big Steam and Sandstone's Garratts 16.07.2024 - 28.07.2024 £4,225 Sold Out  Book
The Big Five: Kruger National Park 27.07.2024 - 02.08.2024 £1,680 01.05.2024  Book
From Carinthia to the Waldviertel: Steam in the Realm of the Giesl Ejector 11.10.2024 - 17.10.2024 £2,390 24.07.2024  Book
80 Years and no End in Sight? 'Kriegsloks' in Bosnia 18.10.2024 - 23.10.2024 £2,570 24.07.2024  Book
Broad Gauge Steam and semaphores 27.11.2024 - 08.12.2024 £4,110 01.09.2024  Book
Bolan-Pass Diesel 07.12.2024 - 12.12.2024 £1,740 01.09.2024  Book
1.400 m uphill: From Ghinda to Asmara 25.01.2025 - 02.02.2025 £0 25.10.2024  Book
Price not known yet
Italian Flair in Africa 02.02.2025 - 09.02.2025 £0 01.11.2024  Book
Price not known yet.
Spring in the Carpathians: Narrow Gauge Steam 04.04.2025 - 12.04.2025 £0 04.01.2025  Book
Price not known yet.

* price from; base price without single room or other surcharges

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